Is Bethany associated with any denomination?

Not really. We have always labeled ourselves as “non-denominational.”  We have members from dozens of different church backgrounds.  Our plans and direction are determined by our own leadership (our board of elders and pastoral team), rather than by an external organization. However, we do associate ourselves with other churches or groups for joint support of common goals.  In recent years, we have chosen to partner with other churches in a movement known as “Converge Mid-Atlantic.”  This is an association of like-minded churches that have joined together to establish new churches in the National Capitol region.

Our pastor is the President of the Laurel Clergy Association.  He facilitates the shared ministry of about 20 churches in the Baltimore Washington Corridor. The group has developed effective programs to care for Laurel's homeless; to provide services to those who are poor or suffering, but still in their own homes; and has also recently launched a new initiative to promote volunteer involvement in our public schools in Prince Georges County known as Side by Side. At Bethany, we like to say "Community is our middle name!" - and we mean it.  One of our distinctives as a church is the extent to which we serve as a hub for activities both in West Laurel and in the region.


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