How to Grow

At Bethany Community Church, the main way people grow spiritually is through the process of discipleship. Jesus modeled this process for us when he invited folks to follow Him, what we might call “doing life together” with Jesus. He formally and informally taught them. They worshipped together, ate meals together, and did everyday life tasks where they watched how Jesus treated others. They observed his devotion to the Father as He went off to pray alone. He sent them out to serve others, and He taught them how to obey God.

Many people don't realize that although Jesus at times taught thousands of people, He poured most of His time into only 12 men whom He called disciples.  As they spent time together, they learned to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and body and to love their neighbor as themselves.  They grew to become fully devoted followers, or “disciples” of Jesus Christ.

So, at Bethany we encourage everyone to become “disciples of Jesus” and to learn to grow spiritually in the context of caring relationships.  We foster an environment that encourages everyone toward a more personal and authentic "walk with God," rather than the impersonal, "outsider" feeling many have when attending "church."   Everyone at Bethany can learn to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ: attending worship services, being a part of a small group, spending time in one on one relationships focused on learning Jesus' ways, or joining a ministry team and serving others.   Discipleship extends beyond "formal" meetings to spending time together in everyday life, working, playing sports, socializing, shopping, etc., where spiritual truth can intersect at the crossroads of our lives.

As you experience new challenges in life, the relationships you develop in our church will provide a continued source of support for you. You too can become a support to others.  Growing spiritually involves discovering and using the gifts God has given you to help others grow as disciples of Jesus.  There is a world full of people longing to find purpose and hope in life, who need help applying spiritual truth to their lives by someone who will take the time to help them grow.  We hope you will join us in our mission of helping people begin and grow in a personal relationship with God through the context of a caring community! 
Your Next Step to spiritual growth could be . . .


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