Inclement Weather Policy

Because of the high priority we place on gathering together as a church family for worship each week, Bethany Community Church has rarely closed due to bad weather. However, if we do have a heavy snowfall or other severe weather conditions on a Sunday morning, you can call the Church Office at (301) 725-7838 or (301) 549-1200 as well as visiting our website after 8 a.m.  If services are going to be canceled or delayed, our answering machine message should indicate the closure.  If you sign up for our email list, we will also try to contact everyone electronically.  We will also seek to have any weather related delays or closures broadcast on WTOP (103.5 FM).  

Of course, we want also want to encourage everyone to make good, safe decisions!  We have often been able to have services for those who live near our ministry center, even when those who lived further away had to decide to worship at home; in which case, the sermon will be available here on our web site within a few days of the cancellation.



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