Bethany has two worship services each Sunday that are identical in content.  The second service has the added feature of one of the largest deaf ministries in the region.  At 10:30, our music is presented visually as well as vocally.

Bethany worship services feature a variety of musical styles, with songs carefully selected to illuminate the Biblical truth that will be presented in the message.  Our pastor's teaching style is warm and conversational.  He often says "Jesus died to take away your sin, not to take away your mind."  So, our congregation is challenged to think deeply about what we are learning.  We are encouraged to read the Biblical text for the day before coming to worship, and often leave with "action steps" or "questions for further reflection."  The most often repeated adjective to describe Sunday morning worship at Bethany is relevant.  Most people say that our pastor's teaching is what first drew them to Bethany.  People then stay because of the community they find here, since Community is our middle name!

You can use the menu bar for "sermons" to listen to a sermon, read recent sermon outlines and transcripts, or to download an MP3 file of an entire message.


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